Fine Art NFT Marketplaces

Blockchain technologies and the NFT market have transformed, through their dynamism, the way collectors engage with digital assets. In this article, we will explore the diverse landscape of the NFT space and fine art NFT marketplaces.

Best NFT art marketplaces for fine art

While OpenSea remains one of the most known non-fungible token marketplaces on the Ethereum blockchain, many others have emerged, specialising in different areas of the art market. When selecting the best NFT marketplace for you to mint on, whether it be your first NFT or you be a seasoned collector, it is important to keep in mind some factors such as the type of NFTs you're interested in, liquidity, the crypto you'd like to use, and so on. Some also focus on different blockchain networks such as Polygon, Bitcoin, Solana, and Tezos, some of which are gaining traction for their scalability and reduced gas fees, offering alternatives to traditional ETH-based NFT marketplaces.


SuperRare stands out as an NFT Marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain. It distinguishes itself as an art-centric platform, prioritizing the credibility and creativity of artworks over meme-friendly content. Notably, reports suggest that only 1% of applying artists are accepted, ensuring that those selected have an elevated opportunity to showcase their artwork to an interested audience. This distinctive strategy imparts a sense of exclusivity to SuperRare, making it an exclusive NFT Marketplace. Consequently, SuperRare comes highly recommended for artists who are serious about their craft and seek a platform that values and promotes artistic integrity.


Foundation operates as an NFT Marketplace owned by artists and on an invitation-only basis. To list an NFT on the platform, an invitation from a creator who has already showcased their work on Foundation is required. While this approach may result in less exposure compared to other platforms, it caters to a more focused customer segment.

For newcomers, Foundation offers a distinct advantage with lower competition for NFT artists. This makes it more accessible for artists to list, sell and trade NFTs, providing an easier entry point for those starting their journey in the web3 space. One thing worth mentioning is that transaction fees are pretty high, as Foundation charges you 5% whether on the primary or secondary sales, where other platforms charge half.


Rarible functions as a community-driven NFT marketplace, created for the purpose of selling individual artworks as well as entire collections. Utilizing its proprietary token, RARI, the platform empowers its users with the right to participate in voting for any updates to the platform. Users can mint NFTs on Ethereum, Flow and Tezos and specialises in art, photography and gaming collectibles.

Nifty Gateway

Recognized as a high-end marketplace, Nifty Gateway has established collaborations with renowned brands and creators and stands as yet another exclusive NFT marketplace for fine art, having successfully traded digital collectibles associated with notable celebrities and artists like Beeple, Grimes, Pak, and Daniel Arsham.

One distinctive feature of Nifty Gateway is its provision of NFT Marketplace royalties, enabling creators to earn a percentage from the resale of their works in the secondary market. Additionally, Nifty Gateway provides a high quality user experience and demonstrates robust support for addressing any technical issues that may arise. The platform facilitates transactions through credit card payments, making it easy for beginners to buy NFTs.


MakersPlace caters to artists, musicians, and NFT creators. It provides a unique tool designed to empower the creation and exclusive sale of digital art directly to their fans and collectors. The site maintains accessibility for everyone, adopting a straightforward yet efficient approach for signing in, creating, buying, and selling digital artwork. MakersPlace is committed to NFT creators and rewards its creative community with every new feature. is a user-friendly creator launchpad and NFT marketplace on Bitcoin. For a long time, NFTs were not popular on Bitcoin because of the lack of smart contract functionality and limited programmability. However, in 2023, the rise of Bitcoin Ordinals, which allows for the inscription of data directly onto Satoshis, the smallest unit of Bitcoin, changed the game. offers artists partnerships with the Gamma Partner Program, showcasing their work at IRL events such as Art Basel Miami, and more. Partner Artists have access to the Prints feature, which lets NFT creators make digital prints (through recursive inscriptions) from a single art piece they've inscribed, as they would in traditional art. Of course, Gamma also put in place royalties on secondary sales, which are controlled by the artist. positions itself as one of the leading marketplaces and launchpads on Bitcoin, supporting artists in the creation of their NFT projects, every step of the way. Gamma has collaborated with well-known projects such as Yuga Labs, FAR, Jack Butcher, Nullish, and many more.

A few more popular NFT marketplaces...

KnownOrigin focuses on limited and high-quality artworks, particularly in the realms of art and photography. Being one of the earliest NFT Marketplaces, NFTs are mintable on the Ethereum network.

Async Art has established its identity as a dedicated NFT Marketplace exclusively catering to programmable digital art. As of April 13, 2021, the platform showcased a diverse collection of 1,400 artworks, encompassing both individual pieces and bundled art. While a preference is given to art and music, Async Art is open to various other types of NFTs. Presently, the platform hosts over 10 different types of NFTs within its expansive ecosystem.

Known for its user-friendly interface, Mintable is particularly accommodating for beginners. Navigating and managing the platform does not necessitate advanced knowledge of NFTs, crypto wallets, or blockchains. Mintable allows users to mint NFTs from a wide range of digital files, including images, gifs, audio, text documents, and more. The platform operates on Ethereum and Immutable X. To further support crypto enthusiasts, Mintable has introduced Mintable University, a valuable resource providing free learning materials for those looking to enhance their understanding and proficiency in the realm of NFTs.

While BakerySwap may be a relatively small marketplace, its distinctive feature lies in the gamification reward program it offers. This NFT Marketplace accommodates art and meme collections, extending support to a diverse array of content. Notably, BakerySwap is highly user-friendly, making it particularly accessible and suitable for beginners.

Gemini, known for its cryptocurrency exchange, has ventured into the NFT space, providing a fiat gateway for collectors. This platform facilitates credit card transactions, making it accessible to users who may be new to the world of cryptocurrency.

Binance NFT, built on the Binance Smart Chain, has rapidly gained prominence. With low transaction fees and a wide range of offerings, Binance NFT is expanding the NFT ecosystem and attracting collectors from diverse backgrounds.

Many NFT marketplaces are exploring integration with virtual worlds and the metaverse, creating immersive experiences for collectors. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are becoming integral to NFT platforms, involving the community in decision-making processes and the curation of NFT collections.

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The world of fine art NFT marketplaces is dynamic and continually evolving, with the rise of new technologies such as Ordinals, generative art, music NFTs... As blockchain technology, digital assets, and NFT platforms continue to advance, collectors and artists alike have an array of options to explore within this thriving ecosystem. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the NFT space, staying informed about the latest trends and platforms is crucial for navigating this exciting intersection of art and technology. Join Gamma's discord server to learn more about the platform and Partner Artists --- and apply if you're a creator looking to join our exclusive partnership program!

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