.btc Domains

What is a .BTC Domain name?

A .btc domain name is the Stacks blockchain's decentralized web identity and human-readable wallet address system. These domains are registered through a smart contract on Stacks, secured by Bitcoin. This smart contract implements a decentralized name registry. With decentralized domain names, you aren't subject to whois information, so your identity remains private.

.BTC names are registered by sending a transaction to the BNS smart contract on the Stacks chain. BNS is the "Blockchain Naming System", a decentralised name registration app that can be compared to its Ethereum (ETH) counterpart ENS. Given Stacks' unique connection to Bitcoin, registering .btc names automatically generates a pair of corresponding Bitcoin and Stacks addresses.

On Gamma, you can use your blockchain domain to transfer NFTs to someone by typing in their .btc name instead of the longer alphanumeric wallet address, or you can use it to view your own --- or someone else's --- profile and NFTs on Gamma. your BNS name is automatically reserved as your unique profile address, like gamma.io/example.btc.

How can I buy domain names?

To claim your Bitcoin domain, head over to https://btc.us/. Connect your Stacks compatible crypto wallet and make sure to select an address that does not already have a .btc domain tied to it, as you can only have one per address.

If the name you'd like to purchase is available, you will be able to pay with cryptocurrencies (STX and Bitcoin) or US dollars. That's it, your name registration is complete and your domain name is yours for five years! You'll then need to pay some renewal fees if you'd like to keep it.

The btc.us web bridge allows users to use their names as web pages. This means the web bridge turns btc.us into the top level domain and allows users to generate subdomains for their personal use. With your Bitcoin domain registration, you can link to your website via your domain name. Let's take example.btc, once linked to your website with a top level domain (TLD) such as .com, typing example.btc in the browser URL bar will lead users to example.com.

If you'd like to purchase other NFT domains such as .crypto, .wallet, .nft and more, you'll need to head over to website such as Unstoppable Domains. Available payment methods include Paypal, credit card and digital currencies. Note that NFT domains aren't part of the current DNS (domains part of ICANN), and are called alternate roots.

How can I sell, transfer or trade domain names?

Gamma.io, the leading NFT marketplace on Stacks, offers functionality for selling, transferring and buying .btc domains on the secondary market.

BNS domains are a special kind of NFT that predates Stacks mainnet itself. The smart contract used to register and manage names is limited in some ways that makes buying or selling them a bit different from most other NFTs on Gamma.

Most notably, only one of these NFTs can belong to a given address at one time, and the NFT must be held in a smart contract while listed for sale. If you already own a BNS domain at your primary address, you'll see an option to purchase a domain for another account. 

You can sell BNS domains by visiting your profile while logged in with a given account. Find the BNS name in your profile, and click List. Define a list price and proceed to deploy the smart contract that will hold your NFT.

If you would like to buy a domain on Gamma, visit the BNS Names collection. You can explore the domains listed for sale on the marketplace by sorting and filtering through the provided categories and other attributes. When you've found one you like, click Buy to prompt the purchase menu. If you don't have a BNS name at the address you've used to explore the marketplace, you can purchase it with the address that is connected. If you already have a BNS name at this address, or if you'd otherwise like to send the name to another address, you can enter an address that will receive the domain when the purchase is completed.

If you would like to learn more about NFTs and the Stacks blockchain, head over to our Learn page.