NFT Launchpads

What is an NFT Launchpad?

An NFT launchpad is a platform where creators, artists, and communities can mint, sell, trade or release their NFT projects on blockchains such as Stacks, Ethereum and Polygon.

They can function similar to launchpad platforms working on initial offerings such as IDOs (Initial Dex Offering), IGOs (Initial Game Offerings) or INOs (Initial NFT Offering), where businesses offer tokens to raise funds. NFT launchpads allow creators to interact with their communities and to directly sell their NFTs without having to involve a third-party. They can also help creators find an audience and earn royalties on secondary sales, which is otherwise difficult both in the real world and in the crypto world. Some NFT launchpads require users to undergo a KYC process (know your customer) before participating in crowdfunding, to fight fraudulent activity.

With the NFT market growing at incredible rates and digital artwork trending, creators are facing a unique opportunity. While they are often pushed into contracts that don't serve their best interests by their galleries, producers and auction houses, blockchain technology and the crypto market could be what they've been waiting for.

But not all creators can code, and smart contracts can be intimidating. With this in mind, NFT launchpad development have soared over the past year, with more and more startups and development companies offering creators solutions for lauching their own NFT collections in minutes, with no-code involved. Some examples of no-code creator launchpads are on the Stacks and Bitcoin blockchain and ZeroCodeNFT on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, and GuardianLink.

What is the difference between an NFT Launchpad and an NFT marketplace?

NFT marketplaces and NFT launchpads are similar, but they do have some differences that define them. NFT marketplaces are a place for anyone to sell, trade and collect NFTs, and counterfeit NFTs could enter the blockchains if a strict vetting protocol is absent. The admin moderates the digital assets and then releases them for sales. An NFT launchpad exclusively supports creators and artists, and tends to have more stringent vetting processes. The launchpad community decides on listing an NFT project after an examination. With NFT launchpad development services, creators can build, launch and market NFT projects.

Note that an NFT marketplace can also have its own NFT launchpad. This is the case of, an NFT marketplace on the Stacks blockchain, that also has an NFT launchpad for creators to launch their own NFT collections.

Numerous businesses are stepping up, aiming to revolutionize the NFT space and offer the best NFT game development services, metaverse, cryptocurrency and more.

What are the best NFT Launchpads?

Best NFT Launchpad on Bitcoin

Gamma is an open marketplace with an NFT launchpad platform for Bitcoin NFTs, and a hub for the world's Web3 social identity.

It is the largest NFT marketplace on the Stacks Blockchain, a blockchain technology that enables smart contract functionality for Bitcoin, and one of the first marketplaces to launch support for Ordinal NFTs.

The Gamma creator-first launchpad allows artists to deploy their own NFT collection with fully tested, creator-owned, no-code smart contracts in minutes. Creators can sell their art at a fixed price, determine all the specifics of their presale or public sales, auction their work, and earn royalties for every sale on the secondary market as well as create airdrops. Three types of collections are available on the Stacks blockchain: Public Mint, Continuous collection and Editions collection, allowing creators to pick the most suited for their projects.

Gamma offers an inscription service for Bitcoin Ordinals: creators can launch their Ordinals collections in minutes, no-code needed. The Ordinals marketplace allows users to sell, purchase and trade Bitcoin-native NFT art in a secure and trustless way.

To learn more about the launchpad's roadmap and functionalities, head over to or find Gamma on social media.


NFTLaunch focuses on marketing launchpads to make them distinctive and well-known. The site also promotes a deflationary marketplace and the automated gift of a proportion of transactions to a charity of one's choosing. The project aims to raise awareness about donations while supporting the crypto space, and hopes to influence future projects to do the same. This project has successfully dwelled into BSC Pad and has started an incubator program for promising NFT projects. By joining hands with NFTLaunch, the projects have the entire marketing, tokenomics and legal expertise of NFTLaunch at their disposal as well as.


NFTPad is an NFT Launchpad for blockchain games, art and DeFi. Users may mint NFTs in minutes, auction them, or create liquidity for them to be exchanged on AMMs like PancakeSwap and Uniswap. NFTPad allows investors to discover and invest in raw talent creators, as well as invest in multi-chain projects. Additionally, the project aims to launch on the Binance Smart Chain to be the OpenSea of BSC. NFTPad uses a system that determines the amount of allocation a participant is guaranteed for.


NFTb aspires to create a platform for users where they can trade anytime via DEX as well as access DeFi and GameFi opportunities, while enjoying the best user experience possible. Experts vet all projects on NFTb's platform, and with NFTb Labs, the platform invests and partners with unique NFT projects which users can access by staking NFTb's native tokens. NFTb is developing cross-platform bridges to some of the top blockchain ecosystems, to enable deep liquidity access for digital assets.


NFTSolPad is a deflationary NFT Launchpad on Solana that strives to have transparent NFT drops for their community. Users will have to perform some basic tasks before getting into the whitelist of an NFT project through the launchpad. This is to ensure that everyone in the community has some primary involvement in the projects.

Magic Eden

Magic Eden is a known player in the Solana non-fungible tokens ecosystem. Early 2023, they deployed an NFT launchpad. The platform offers community exposure, cross-chain minting technology, opportunities for partnerships and secondary trading features. Magic Eden enables Solana and Ethereum based projects to introduce new NFT project tokens to the space.

Join the NFT space

The potential of NFTs, their use cases and their future applications are only a few of the reasons they have become so top of mind. The NFT space is innovating at a tremendous speed, and an incredible amount of startups is emerging, while more established multinational companies hop on as well. Are you ready to join the NFT community or launch your own unique NFT project?

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