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Bitcoin NFTs

Over the past years, web3 has seen many new blockchains, DeFi apps, DAOs, metaverse platforms and startups develop. More and more NFT platforms are emerging on blockchains such as Ethereum with its leading marketplace OpenSea, Solana, Polygon, and the Stacks blockchain, with its leading marketplace

Stacks provides a blockchain technology that uses Bitcoin's high security while allowing the creation of smart contracts, enabling the creation of Bitcoin secured NFTs.

The integration of NFTs directly on the Bitcoin blockchain has long been a dream for many in the crypto ecosystem. However, Bitcoin was first and foremost designed to be a decentralized cryptocurrency, leaving out smart contract functionality.

In February 2023, the crypto ecosystem was taken over by important news: true digital artifacts directly on the Bitcoin blockchain, called Bitcoin Ordinals, were made possible.

The rise of Bitcoin Ordinals

With the new Ordinals protocol, people who operate nodes in the Bitcoin network can inscribe individual satoshis with data, creating an Ordinal inscription. Inscribing a satoshi creates a unique Bitcoin native digital asset, that can be held in a Bitcoin wallet and transferred using Bitcoin transactions.

This new advancement was made possible by Bitcoin's Taproot upgrade which reduced resources needed to process transactions, thus increasing block size and Bitcoin's smart contract flexibility.

Despite some controversy within the Bitcoin community, Ordinals are a huge breakthrough. They allow for more growth of the ecosystem, more utility and more use cases. Notable artists and NFT projects immediately started creating their Ordinal collections, including Ordinal Punks and the Taproot Wizards.

However, as a user, creating an inscription is complex, costly, time-consuming and requires advanced technical knowledge., Stacks' leading NFT marketplace, aims to change that.'s no-code Bitcoin Ordinals launchpad

Gamma allows users to deploy fully-tested no-code smart contracts in minutes through the creator launchpad. In February 2023, Gamma already supported over a thousand NFT collections, 80% of which were deployed using the launchpad.

When Ordinals took over the space, the open marketplace quickly launched its no-code creator platform for inscribing Ordinals, making it possible for anyone with a Bitcoin (BTC) address and a compatible Ordinal wallet, to inscribe their own Ordinal.

The platform allows users to create single Ordinal inscriptions, bulk inscriptions, airdrop Ordinals, request collection pages and launch Ordinals Public Mints, and more is to come. Gamma offers an easy and low-cost way of inscribing Ordinals, where creators are given the option to choose or customize their transaction fees based on network congestion.

Gamma also offers a dual viewing method that ensures that a high quality viewing experience is accessible to anyone, without compromise, with inscriptions that live 100% on-chain, directly on the Bitcoin L1, and any trading anywhere will be for native Ordinal inscriptions.

Additionally, Gamma supports an Ordinals explorer to view all inscriptions held by a Bitcoin address or to view an inscription owner's profile.

Soon after the launch of its creator tools, Gamma also released its trustless Bitcoin Ordinals marketplace, where users can sell, purchase and trade Ordinal NFTs.

NFTs aren't the only use-case for ordinals. Gamma used its own no-code launchpad to broadcast its press release directly to the Bitcoin blockchain. In the future, press releases will be broadcast to the network instead of sent to the newswire.

Gamma's just getting started. As mentioned by Co-Founder Jamil Dhanani, coupled with its Ordinal marketplace, the startup is putting creators first, as always, and getting Bitcoin-native NFTs ready for mainstream adoption, without sacrificing superior levels of security, trust, and decentralization that only Bitcoin can offer.

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If you're new to the space, you can purchase BTC on various cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase or Binance with fiat currencies such as USD, or other cryptos such as ETH. Connect your Leather or Xverse wallet to get started with Stacks NFTs and Bitcoin Ordinals!

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