Best NFT Launchpads

As the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency continues to grow and evolve and more people join the Web3 ecosystem, NFT Launchpads have become increasingly popular. They are a way for creators to launch new NFT projects and sell their tokens.

NFTs are unique, digital assets that are stored on a blockchain and represent ownership of a specific item or concept. From digital artwork and collectibles to in-game items and real estate, they have a wide range of use cases in the metaverse and the real world, and have gained significant attention from investors and enthusiasts alike.

This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of NFT launchpads, from what they are to how they work and why they are important. We'll also discuss the different types of NFT launchpads available and how to get involved with one. Let's dive in!

What is an NFT Launchpad?

An NFT launchpad is a platform that facilitates the listing, sale, and distribution of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The main purpose of NFT launchpads is to make it easy for projects to mint NFTs and raise capital by selling their NFT collections. This capital can then be used to fund development activities such as marketing, advertising, and product development.

NFT launchpads also offer additional benefits such as early access for token holders, liquidity pools for trading volume, social media influencers for promotion, and other incentives such as presale allocations, initial decentralized exchange (IDO) processes, or whitelisting. These additional benefits help attract more investors and increase the overall success of a project's token sale.

Types of NFT Launchpads

There are several different types of NFT launchpads available today. Some popular examples include GameFi (on BSC), OpenSea (on ETH), GuardianLink (on ETH & BSC), Polygon Launchpad (multi-chain) and (on Stacks). Crypto launchpads such as the Binance Launchpad allow blockchain projects to launch and sell their native tokens. Each platform has its own unique features that make it desirable for certain types of projects or use cases. For example, GameFi offers early access for its token holders, Polygon Launchpad provides incubation services for new crypto projects launching on its network, and offers a no-code platform for artists and creators to launch new NFT projects within minutes, with no technical knowledge required.

Benefits of Using an NFT Launchpad

Using an NFT launchpad can provide several benefits when launching a new project or token sale.

These platforms make it easier for projects to raise capital quickly without any significant upfront costs or overhead expenses, and provide access to larger audiences than would otherwise be possible, using traditional methods, due to their global reach and user base size.

Using an NFT launchpad can increase brand visibility by leveraging the platform's existing community and user base who may be interested in investing in your project or token sale.

When selecting an NFT launchpad, it's important to consider the features and offerings of each platform, as well as the fees and restrictions that may apply. It's also a good idea to research the reputation and track record of the launchpad to ensure that it is reliable and trustworthy. Your target audience and your NFT project's use cases are also important aspects to consider, so you can choose an NFT launchpad that aligns with your goals and objectives. Let's take a closer look.

Best NFT Launchpads

There are more and more NFT launchpads out there, each with its own unique features and offerings. Here are some of the best NFT launchpads to consider for your NFT projects.

Gamma is an open marketplace with an NFT launchpad platform for Bitcoin NFTs, and a hub for the world's Web3 social identity. It is the largest NFT marketplace on the Stacks Blockchain, a blockchain technology that enables smart contract functionality for Bitcoin.

The Gamma creator-first launchpad allows artists to deploy their own NFT collection with fully tested, creator-owned, no-code smart contracts in minutes. Creators can sell their art at a fixed price or auction it, and earn royalties for every sale on the secondary market. Three types of collections are available: Public Mint, Continuous collection and Editions collection, allowing creators to pick the most suited for their projects.

To learn more about the launchpad's roadmap and functionalities, head over to or find Gamma on social media.


This NFT launchpad platform supports multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum, BNB and BSC, and offers a range of services for NFT projects, including presale management and liquidity provision. The platform aims to raise aware about donations for a better future and promotes a deflationary marketplace as well as the automated gift of a percentage of transactions to a charity of one's choice. NFTLaunch also started an incubator for upcoming projects, which gives the NFT projects access to NFTLaunch's legal and marketing expertise.


BSCPad is the first decentralized IDO Launchpad for the Binance Smart Chain Network. They empower crypto projects with the ability to distribute tokens and raise liquidity. BSCPad creates fair decentralized launches where users can choose between a lottery tier and guaranteed allocation tier, in contrast with the first come first serve system of most launchpads.


NFTPad is a launchpad for blockchain games, art and DeFi. Users can mint NFTs in minutes, auction them and create liquidity to exchange them on AMMs such as PancakeSwap and Uniswap. NFTPad allows investors to support multi-chain projects, and aims to become the OpenSea of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).


NFTb aspires to provide a great user experience and gives artists access to DeFi opportunities, allows NFT projects to conduct Initial NFT Offerings (INOs), and are developing cross-chain bridges to top blockchain ecosystems. Experts vet all NFT projects on the platform, and with NFTb Labs, the platform invests and partners with unique NFT projects. NFTb's vision is to create a platform where users can trade anytime via DEX.

A few others...

Solanium is the first NFT launchpad on the Solana blockchain and attracts many participants per IDO. Unicrypt Network is one of the best ICO platforms, with many benefits for investors, incubators and token developers.

Join the NFT space

As the NFT market keeps trending, so do NFT Launchpads. They provide a valuable ecosystem for new NFT projects to launch and sell their tokens, and can help projects gain exposure, liquidity, and traction in the market. Whether you're an NFT Gaming startup looking to launch a new NFT project or an investor looking for the next big thing in the NFT space, it may be time to get involved with the exciting world of digital assets and NFT launchpads!

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